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Welcome, Ronald D. Richey has practiced immigration and nationality law for over 20 years.

Our law firm represents large and small corporations, their employees, leaders of countries, politicians, professionals, skilled workers, unskilled workers, victims of abuse, and the common man (or woman).

We believe in and strongly advocate for the rights, immigration benefits, justice and fundamental fairness for all of our clients whether they are rich or poor, famous or infamous, educated or not. Some immigration lawyers only do business immigration; some handle only family cases; others only assist clients in litigation such as removal or deportation proceedings. We represent clients in all of these areas of the immigration law, including cases before the U.S. Federal Courts.

Our law firm is thankful for the success of our clients, and especially appreciate the opportunity to assist clients whose cases are at the cutting edge of the law. One example is the recent landmark case of Matter of A-T-, 24 I&N Dec. 617 (A.G. 2008), where the U.S. Attorney General became personally involved, which is a rarity, and issued a strong rebuke and remand to the Board of Immigration Appeals thereby overturning the Board’s prior precedent decision. This unusual action by the Attorney General creates options for asylum applicants who are victims of female circumcision. We have also had other clients with published precedent decisions by the U.S. Federal Courts.

Our professional staff are fluent in several languages including Spanish, French, German, Romanian, and Bulgarian. We also have access to interpreters in Russian, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Arabic, Polish and other languages.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional, courteous and professional service in your time of need. When you need legal assistance or representation for any area of immigration law, just give us a call. We’ll give you an honest estimate of the time the legal process might take, as well as any associated fees for our representation in your case. The complete resolution of your case and representation in a timely manner is what we will strive to achieve.

  • Green Card

  • Work Permits

  • Family Petitions

  • Employment Petitions

  • Employment

  • Asylum

  • Removal / Deportation Representation

  • Naturalization

  • Juvenile Status / Custody Guardianship

  • Student, Tourist Visas

  • Investment Visa

  • Legal Consultation

  • Detention Representation

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